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Juliana Trujillo: Communitas

Juliana Trujilllo, MPS, LCAT is an artist and creative arts therapist living in New York City. Born in Medellin, Colombia Juliana and her family immigrated to the U.S. when she was only three years old due to the violence of her native country. Spending most of her formative years between South Florida and South Texas Juliana's childhood exposed her to sunshine, Caribbean and Mexican culture, Cowboys, rivers, camping, and southern hospitality. At a young age, Juliana was drawn to art making in all its varieties. She has dedicated her life to meeting and connecting with people, especially those walking a path of personal growth and healing. If you know her you know her laugh is uncanny and she shows her love by cooking. Juliana can be found putting together a collective show with other artists friends, watching live music, dancing, or quietening the mind amongst nature. She tries to live her life by the philosophy that the only difference between a stranger and a friend is a good joke. Her work often explores concepts of self, personal experiences, and ancestral memories.


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